It’s where you sleep

Mattress cleaning is something you should do on occasion. It’s part of a number of the essentials to keeping a mattress in fine form for the duration of its use.

Mattress cleaning is easy

Over time, as with all things used regularly, and even those that are not, a mattress will accumulate dust particles. For those highly sensitive to dust, these particles can render sleep a miserable experience, but even those of us who are not as sensitive, dust particles can become a problem. The fix is easy. Just vacuum the surface of your mattress. For dust that seems difficult to vacuum, deeply imbedded into the fabric, use a wet rag and scrub, then allow to dry before vacuuming. Remember not to use too much water when scrubbing your mattress, as moisture can only exacerbate the problem.

Flipping it, too

In addition to mattress cleaning, also remember to rotate your mattress every six months as you would your tires. This allows for even wear, which will make your mattress last even longer.