Does a mattress need to be hard in order to be good for me?
No! With today's technology, the support that your body needs comes from the quality and design of the innerspring coil unit and foundation. One manufacturer's "Firm" may actually feel much harder than another's "Extra Firm"! Don't be fooled by the labels manufacturers put on their mattresses. A sleep set that provides correct support is better than a hard mattress. Sealy Posturepedic offers the correct support regardless of comfort level or price.

What should I do with my old bedding?
Most bedding retail stores include disposal of old bedding as a value-added store service -- ask about this type of service before you purchase!

Can my children use my old mattress?
Mattresses typically have a comfort life of 8 - 10 years. It's not recommended for anyone to sleep on a mattress older than 10 years. It will be no more comfortable or supportive for your children than it was for you.

What type of mattress should I buy for my child?
Children need the same amount of support and comfort as adults do, so don't be lured into a "bargain" -- buy the best you can afford!

How and why do I rotate my bedding?
The easiest way to turn a mattress - using 2 people, to prevent personal injury - is to swivel the mattress through 90 degrees. Grasping the tape edge on the ends of the mattress, flip it over and swivel 90 degrees again to complete positioning. Remember, a good mattress only needs turning over every second month. A full
180-degree rotation is all that is required every other month.

What are the dimensions of traditional bedding?
King: 1830 mm
Queen: 1520mm
Double: 1370mm
Three Quarter: 1070mm
Single/Twin: 915mm

Standard length is 1880mm
(selected models available in 2000mm length at no extra cost).
(Sizes are as specified by SABS with a 10mm tolerance either way.)

How much should I pay for a bed?
Remember, your bed is the most used piece of furniture in your home. As with any purchase, you only get what you pay for. The most important piece of advice we can give you is: don’t buy the cheapest, buy the best you can afford. When shopping for a new mattress, wear comfortable clothes so you can lie down. It’s important to test drive the bed you like. Make sure the width, length and comfort level meets all your sleep needs. It’s worth the time and effort to choose a really great quality bed, because you’ll reap the rewards in years to come.