Looking for good sleeping tips to really go to bed, stay asleep, and feel truly rested when you wake up? These natural, easy sleeping tips should really help!


1. Make the most of your mattress

1/3 of our life is spent in bed, therefore it is most important to invest in the correct mattress and foundation, thus ensuring a better sleep for a healthy life.

2. Silence the SNORING!

The dreaded SNORE! We all hate it. The correct pillow is as important as the correct mattress. Snoring keeps your partner awake and interupts your sleep. It is recommended that you have a pillow that slightly raises your head to eliminate this problem.

3. Turn off technology

Keep cellphones, TV's, Laptops, etc out of the bedroom. They are distracting and will disrupt your sleeping pattern.

4. Better sleep

FACT - nothing affects your daily perfomance more than the way you sleep. The average person tosses and turn 40 - 60 times per night! It is recommended you choose a mattress that reduces partner diturbance.

5. Nicotine. Alcohol. Caffeine

What do these have in common? Well, other than being the bane of many people, including some activist groups. It's being a stimulant, and you might not have even notice the difference it makes.

Avoiding smoking, drinking (Which will disrupt your sleep, not help you sleep), and caffeine (The body doesn't store it, sure - but it takes hours to get out of your system).

6. Exercise

Exercise won't help, right? It will just keep you up, right? Not really. The best kept sleep secret is that exercising a few times a week (Especially aerobic exercise) will give you a better, deeper sleep and let you go to sleep sooner.

Avoid exercise within 3-4 hours of bed, however. Too close to bedtime, and you end up not being able to go to sleep.

7. Same Time

With work, it can be hard - but going to bed, and waking up, the same time every night keeps your internal clock on a schedule that it can manage. That way, you know when it's time to go to sleep, and time to get up.

Don't be begging for a 'few more minutes', night or day. Most likely, what you're doing can wait until tomorrow, and you'll feel better then, too.